Alexis Tan is a up-and-coming freelance designer specialising in digital art. Graduating from Singapore Polytechnic with a 4.0 GPA and a Diploma in Experience and Communication Design, she has received high praise from her lecturers during her years as a student. Alexis has also gained outstanding appraisal during her internship at Star studios. She will starting on her journey towards her Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design at the National University of Singapore with advanced placement credits.

Alexis had started her Instagram account using the nickname “Sixela” in 2015, sharing her artwork featuring characters from many different shows and games. Over the years, she has gained a large fanbase for her contributions and became a well known artist in her community.

Alexis is known for designs with very dynamic colour schemes and a distinct watercolour trait. This created a style that is unique and can be easily identified. However, she has also displayed high aptitude in other forms of visual art, such as in her work for Star studios featuring her photography.